Foley folly
July 2024

Typically “foley” (the re-creation of sounds for film) is done at the very end of the film process.
During the editing phase, though, I often want to use sound to initiate or ease a cut, or to bridge two separate moments into one.
That requires having the right sound in place to test if that cut will work or not. If the appropriate sound wasn’t captured in the field,
and I can’t find it in my sound effect library, then I do my best to make it myself, orthodoxy be damned!

Above, the shuffling of flip flops. Below, trying to recreate the sound of glasses being folded
and unfolded in the hands, as seen on screen.

24°00'44"N 157°29'15"W
June 2024

Continued work on “Hōkūle’a”, a feature length documentary that I have been making for the last 3.5 years.

A Red-footed Booby waking up at sunrise, having slept on board all night.

Spring 2024

Feb 20 2024

A family of 4 cougars (mom and 3 young) have been in the neighbourhood lately. Captured by my trail cam.

Quiet on 16th
Jan 17 2024

Arctic air

Jan 15 2024


Dec 17 2023

The pine and the pitch & putt fence, West Vancouver.

Birch Bay
Dec 15 2023

Editing, editing

Dec 5 2023

Spitz A3P
Nov 16 2023

Craig McCaw, BCIT / Roundhouse Productions

Goat mtn.
Oct 12 2023

Van isle.
Sept 15 2023

Port Hardy
May 19 2023

June 27 2023

May 19 2023

March 28 2023

Feb 25 2023

Interview marathons
Nov 1 2022

Max & Aku
May 27 2022

May 27 2022